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Commercialisation of the Faculty's intellectual property (IP) offers your business the opportunity to reap the benefits of innovations emanating from our world-class research.

We have a rich history of innovation and pioneering new technologies, and offer a range of technology transfer and IP investment opportunities across diverse market sectors.

How we manage enterprise investment

We manage enterprise investment through the University's innovation company, University of Manchester I3 Ltd (UMI3), which has two operational divisions:

You can find out more about the company on the UMI3 website.

Commercialisation case studies

The following are two examples of spin-out companies that have brought innovations in the medical and health sciences to market:

  • Bioxydyn, a developer of diagnostic imaging tools that is now working with the pharmaceutical industry;
  • STORM, a social enterprise to effectively assess and manage a suicide crisis.

For more information, see our case studies.

Case studies showcasing the transfer of our intellectual property through licensing and spin-outs are available to download on the UMIP website.