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Bernard Keavney

Research Domain Director, Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Nutritional Sciences

Bernard Keavney Bernard Keavney was appointed as Research Domain Director for Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Nutritional Sciences in August 2016.

He was previously Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at Manchester and is British Heart Foundation (BHF) Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and a Consultant Cardiologist at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He joined The University of Manchester in April 2013.

Professor Keavney was a preclinical student at the University of St Andrews and qualified in medicine from Oxford in 1988.

Following junior clinical posts, he was an MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow in the Nuffield Department of Medicine at Oxford from 1993 to 1996.

He completed training in clinical cardiology and began his own scientific group in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Oxford (1997-2000) under the mentorship of Hugh Watkins.

In 2001, Professor Keavney moved to a Senior Lectureship at Newcastle University, where he founded the Molecular Cardiovascular Research Group.

He led the group (2001-2012) as it grew from one PI to nine (including five Chairs and three Programme Grants). He was awarded a BHF Personal Chair in 2008, which was renewed at The University of Manchester in 2014.

Professor Keavney's main research interest is in the genetics of complex cardiovascular diseases. He has made many contributions to this field.

Most recently he and his colleagues published among the world's first genome-wide studies of congenital heart disease, which have identified regions of the human genome important in heart development. He has also recently contributed to the identification of novel genes for inherited diseases by next-generation sequencing.

Professor Keavney has served in numerous national and international advisory roles, including on MRC and BHF Fellowships panels, BHF Project Grant Committee, and (from 2015) MRC Population and Systems Medicine Board. He has been a member of the UK Biobank International Scientific Advisory Board since its formation, taking on the Chair role from 2014.

Internationally, he has been an advisor to the Dutch Heart Foundation, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, and French INSERM.

Bernard has been an active clinical cardiologist throughout his scientific career. Between 2001 and 2013 he practiced as a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist; during most of this time his personal procedure volumes were in the top 10% of all operators nationally.

Presently, his clinical focus is on genetic cardiovascular diseases where, together with colleagues, he seeks to implement an integrated research-driven service, drawing on local excellence in genetics and clinical cardiology, for affected families.